Burst Pipe Repair in Somerville

Temperatures are starting to dive in Somerville! In the coming days and months, it would go lower so might as well prepare your pipes to avoid any burst pipe repair in Somerville in December!

Burst Pipe Repair in Somerville

When the temperature reaches 20 degrees F, the heat in the water is transferred into a subfreezing air causing the water inside the pipes to freeze. The best way to avoid this is to slow down or totally stop the transfer of heat. Below are some helpful tips.

Ways to Avoid Burst Pipe Repair in Somerville

  • Pipes that are vulnerable to freezing should be installed with insulation wrapping or sleeves that are readily available at hardware stores, or better yet, purchase a thicker insulation available in plumbing stores, the latter is better in slowing the heat transfer.
  • Check your outside wall and foundation near your water pipes. If you see any crack or hole, immediately fill with caulking.
  • Warm air is important so pipes will not freeze, open our cabinet doors where pipes are located and let the warm air from your home circulate the pipes.
  • Let the faucet slowly drip to keep the water inside it from freezing. This small flow relieves the excessive pressure between the faucet and the ice blockage.
  • If you are going on a trip during this time, you can drain the water system by turning the main valve off first and turning the faucets/showers on until the entire water in the pipes have been drained.

If worse comes to worst, and no water is ever coming out, immediately call for burst pipe repair as pipes may have burst already. This will prevent more damage to your pipes and properties.