aboutleftComing from Europe with nothing, my friends and I knew that we needed to do something to live. We need to survive and we realized that in America, one will earn good bucks with odd jobs, the ‘yucky jobs that they didn’t want or have time to do.

Our first client was the secretary of the town. Her professional plumber didn’t show up when she needed him the most: her toilet was overflowing! Too gross for a first job, right? Yes, it was, but we needed to do it.

Backed with the right training in plumbing, we did the job and earn more than $400 for a 4 hour job. Not bad!

We were called again after a few days, this time for a different plumbing job. Ken, my buddy, also know how to hold the hammer and had training in carpentry! So we got another job in 3 days!

Melinda, the youngest in our group knows how to do housecleaning so she got herself 3 clients each week!

The rest they say is history.

Welcome to Galeries Wanstrom, our blog about our escapades in plumbing, cleaning, errands, carpentry and what have yous.